Space Monkey Blue by James ‘Dalek’ Marshall x 3DRetro

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James ‘Dalek’ Marshall’s new Space Monkey vinyl art toy from 3DRetro debuts in a light blue edition. The figure features Dalek’s signature character with green shorts, killer knife, and a massive mallet. The new figure features a compact profile with short arms, legs and barefeet.

In case you’re feeling a sense of dejavu, yes, this is a different figure from the recent Space Monkey figures released by UVD Toys back in 2020. Comparing the two, the eyes of the 3DRetro version face slightly off to the side for a more ‘spacey’ (sorry, couldn’t resist) gaze and as mentioned above, the proportions are more compact, especially the arms and legs. Also, the lack of shoes makes the new Space Monkey feel a bit edgier.

The Space Monkey Blue vinyl art toy (6.5″) will be available on Thursday (4.7) at 1 PM PDT from 3DRetro’s Popshop Live stream for $100.