Yellow Space Monkey by Dalek x UVD Toys

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As you probably know, there’s a brand-new Space Monkey vinyl art toy from Dalek x UVD Toys. Fresh off the quickly sold-out debut Blue Edition comes the new Yellow Space Monkey with pac-man-ish eyes on the front and back versus the bubble-like eyes seen on the Blue version. Also, the yellow features a gradient color band on the right knee instead of the arm bands from the blue design. Just as with the blue edition, the Yellow Space Monkey comes armed to the teeth with four weapons (Axe, Cleaver, Knife and Mallet).

In response to the extremely quick sell-out of the Blue edition, UVD Toys will be offering the Yellow Space Monkey (100 pcs, 7″, $100) via its email newsletter on Friday (9.4) at 9 AM PDT. The newsletter (subscribe) will include the link and a password to gain access to the product page. While this should help deter ‘bots, the figure is still expected to sell through quite quickly.