Strangecat Toys Exclusive Orange Space Monkey by Dalek x UVD Toys

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Making up for lost time, the new Space Monkey vinyl art toys from Dalek x UVD Toys are launching without much lag in between. Next up is the Strangecat Toys Exclusive Orange edition. The new Orange edition continues Space Monkey’s quest to bring new design elements with each colorway from slight deco variations to brand-new graphic elements, usually on the rear.

Fittingly, the Strangecat Toys Exclusive features yellow cat eyes on the back of the ‘ears’. As with the previous two editions, Dalek’s Blue Exclusive and the UVD Toys Yellow Exclusive, the Orange edition features brand-new eyes, and hand deco (classic Mickey). If you look closely you’ll see other differences including the color bands which are gray this time around.

An edition of 100, the Strangecat Toys Orange Space Monkey vinyl art toy (7″) drops on Friday (9.18) at 9 AM PDT from Strangecat Toys for $100 each. If the past is any guide, these will go quite quickly.