Red Demon Revealed Part 9

With Monster5’s sculpt complete, Muttpop
sent the finalized Red Demon sculpt to the factory which created silicon molds of the sculpt. These molds were later
used to create a wax cast of the figure. Keeping in mind the ideal way to
partition the various elements of the Red Demon sculpt, the wax cast of Red
Demon was carefully cut into 4 pieces.

Check back next week to see how the various pieces of the Red Demon wax cast
will look when constructed.
With the second issue of Lucha Libre planned for a November release, Bill,
Gobi and the rest of the Lucha Libre crew have been hard at work on their
respective pages of the comic. Below you will see an amazing action sequence
illustrated by Bill (Red Demon designer) of Les Formidables versus the
Who’d a thought the French could kick so much lycanthrope tail?!
For a view of the full page of this fight and many more cool tidbits of pop
culture, be sure to check out the Muttpop Blog.

5 Replies to “Red Demon Revealed Part 9”

  1. As cool as it is to see the sculpt coming together, this is where it gets really interesting to me. Yessir. Seeing the magic of the toy’s production-side rules. SO – these four pieces = 0 points of articulation? Or, will the head move?

    That IS an awesome idea! That triggers some ideas…
    Cool. We’re here to serve, man! There will be articulation in the head. It’s a little be different than what we’ve done with previous figures…but I think the final result works well.
    Stay tuned.
    -Muttpop Bob

  3. Yeah, a translucent red version would be cool probably. Translucent red with some painted bits? Anyway, I agree with Luvyatoo, seeing the production-side of a figure is tha poopie.

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