Red Demon Revealed Part 10

Last week we showed you the initial wax casts. This week  we look at  the subtle difference in detail and shrinkage that occur in the transition which can be seen in these comparative views of Muttpop’s Red Demon final sculpt next to the initial wax casting.

Since Red Demon’s head will rest on a ball joint instead of the conventional rotational joint, the separation of Red Demon’s head will occur at a later stage of production.
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2 Replies to “Red Demon Revealed Part 10”

  1. Right on, right on. Shrinkage + joint talk. Woo! Keep up the behind-the-scenes stuff, straight up. Being able to compare & see the shrinkage really makes the slightly thicker-than-expected sculpt make sense. Anyways, still looking good.
    BTW – has Red Demon’s spiritual brother (visually anyways) – Imperial El Panda – dropped anyplace yet? Been keeping a wachful eye, but haven’t seen ’em yet.

    Shrinkage…I’ve been using the word a lot lately…but it still makes me SQUIRM.
    Yup. With all the talk and concern about the sculpt, I wanted to talk a little time to really breakdown the transition from sculpted form to production toy. I’m glad you noticed!
    I hope the large quantity of pictures really shows the roughly 5% reduction in size…making it a bit closer to the earlier version of the sculpt.
    Imperial El Panda? He’s a little late to the party. We have them…but they haven’t been solicited to stores yet. It looks like the distributor plans to solicit them in about a week…so realistically they’ll be in stores in early to mid October.
    Thanks for your patience and support.
    -Muttpop Bob

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