Red Demon Revealed Part 11

Now that the wax cast of Muttpop’s Red Demon is approved, it’s time to brand the Muttpop
and Monster5 logos! Here are a couple peaks at some beautiful fight
sequences from the latest Luchadores 5 comic. Bill continues to destroy
the pages with his gorgeous pencils! The man has skills. As always,
there’s more to be seen at Muttpop’s Blog.

4 Replies to “Red Demon Revealed Part 11”

  1. How are the logos transfered to the sculpture? Is it part of the mold or is it really a “brand” ? Curious.
    Anyway. Sill looking good, straight up!

  2. DUDEhole:
    I’m not sure of the precise process that is used to replicate te logos on the bottom of our figures feet.
    We provide a vector Adobe Illustrator file. They appropriately adjust the size of the logo on the feet and create the indentation.
    I wish I could share more information! 🙂
    -Muttpop Bob

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