Jul 12, 2019

Pop Life x Ron English — Pop-Up Shop Celebrating SDCC (7.17 - 7.20)


Pop Life Global  will celebrate San Diego Comic Con with a Pop-Up Shop at Luce Loft in beautiful San Diego featuring brand-new releases from the 'Godfather of Street Art', Ron English.  With daily drops and exclusives, the Pop Up will be filled with the latest Pop Life SFBI art toys by Ron English including collaborations with iconic franchises such as Astro Boy, Flinstones, Megaman, Street Fighter and more. It's also the spot to pick up in-demand, just released figures from English's sold-out solo show in China, Toycon Pop Life FanX and his Asia Pop-Up tour. Conveniently located just three blocks from SDCC, the Ron English x Pop Life Pop Up is a must for collectors and fans of the renown artist.

Pop Life x Ron English Pop-Up Shop 
Wednesday (7.17) - Saturday (7.20) from 11 AM to 6 PM   

Luce Loft
1037 J St
San Diego, CA 92101


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QUICCS x Martian Toys — Complex Ghost TEQ63's at ComplexCon (7.20 - 7.21)


TEQ63 is headed to ComplexCon Chicago (7.20 - 7.21).  That's right, two new Ghost Editions from QUICCS x Martian Toys  will be in Chicago —Complex Ghost Black and Complex Ghost White.  Each stylish edition plays with the black and white motif, with the mask and color being the inverse of the main color.  These will be available at Galerie F's ComplexCon Chicago booth.

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Munky King at SDCC: Superstar Destroyer Black


As previously mentioned, Munky King will release the new Superstar Destroyer Black vinyl art toy (10") by Bill McMullen as part of its SDCC lineup. Limited to 100 pieces, the Black edition (includes print) will be released on Preview Night, Wednesday (7.17), and will be available for $185 at the Munky King booth[#2649] and Bill McMullen's off-site solo show (info soon). 


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IamRetro x QUICCS — Crystal Green Camouflage Hello Kitty Debuts at SDCC


IAmRetro has elevated their Exclusive Green Camouflage Hello Kitty vinyl (Kidrobot) with a high-end Swarovski crystal makeover.  The Crystal edition features 1940 crystals, applied by hand, one by one.  Limited to 32 pieces total, the new bling edition (4 pieces) will debut at SDCC at the Nsurgo booth [#5601]. Due to the limited nature of the figure, Nsurgo will release one Crystal edition per day via rafffle (7.18-7.21). Nsurgo will also offer an IamRetro x QUICSS capsule collection at SDCC. Pricing has not been announced.

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3DRetro — SDCC Exclusive Shi Shi by Bigshot Toyworks


Hot on the heels of the just launched (and funded!) Shi Shi: The Tiny Guardian Kickstarter, 3DRetro has announced their SDCC Exclusive Shi Shi sofubi from Bigshot Toyworks.  Cast in light blue sofubi in Japan, the unpainted edition 4" edition is limited to 50 pieces and will be available at the 3DRetro booth [#2459] for $45.


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Jul 11, 2019

Todd James x Case Studyo — Tank Pool Float


Just in time for some Summer fun, Case Studyo has released the Tank Pool Float by renown painter and graffiti artist Todd James (REAS).  The functional pool float features James'  cute yet brash tank character throwing up the #1 and a salute at the same time. The fun piece embraces dimensionality with a large turret and the animated pose. 

An edition of 200, the Tank Pool Float by Todd James (L59 x W57 x H43.4") is available now from Case Studyo  for €302.5 for EU customers or €239/$268 for non-EU customers.


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Coarse — Omen Totem Fade : Falling Star & Old Sun (7.18)


Coarse has officially announced their new 14" Omen Totem-Fade vinyl art toys in two editions, Falling Star and Old Sun. First seen as display prototypes at this year's Shanghai Toy Show in April, these elevate the popular Omen Fade design with the larger Totem (200%) form-factor.  Seen in person, the finish and execution on these is excellent.  The stunning, deep black gloss of the partially open eye adds to the heartfelt feeling of sorrow embodied in the Omen Fade design.

Omen Totem Fade will be available in two editions: Old Sun (orange-red + white) and Falling Star (black + orange).  Limited to 234 pieces of each edition, Omen Totem Fade will be available for pre-order on Thursday (7.18) at 8:59 AM from the Coarse Shop for $249 each.  Currently in production, the figures are scheduled to ship in the October-November 2019 time frame.


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Jul 10, 2019

100% Soft — SDCC Exclusive Dumpster Fire


For SDCC, 100% Soft will release their Exclusive Dumpster Fire resin art toys.  Based on the pin design, the toy offers a cheerful thought even when things might not be going very well.  It's also just plain fun.  Limited to 50 pieces of the regular edition and 10 of the blue flame variant, Dumpster Fire measures 3.5 x 3.5 x 2.75" and is produced by Props And Pop.  Pickup this clever, cute exclusive from the 100% Soft booth [#1532] for $50 each.


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IamRetro Exclusive Mega Super Retro TEQ63 by QUICCS x Martian Toys (7.16)


Back in December, IamRetro released their exclusive Super Retro TEQ63 channeling their passion for gaming with a design based on the classic SNES console.   As you might expect, it sold out quickly.  Now comes word of the Mega Super Retro TEQ63 by QUICCS x Martian Toys.  Same cleverly-executed design, only on the new 12.5" Mega body. Beyond the announced drop date of Tuesday July 16th, release details are yet to be announced including pricing and exact release time. Save the date.

Photo: Rat Daddy

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Huck Gee x BAIT x Robotech — SDCC S.Head Gold


BAIT will release their S.Head Gold figure at SDCC featuring Huck Gee's  design blending his officially-licensed take on the Robotech Cyclone and his signature Skull Head character.  The new edition stuns with a suit of futuristic golden armor, red + black accents and a dark smoke visor.  Available at the BAIT booth [#2747] for $125.
The new Gold edition is the second release of the S.Head variant, following the black DesignerCon edition.

Source: Unofficial SDCC Blog.


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Tik Ka From East x Mighty Jaxx — Hambuddha Celadon


Hambuddha returns in a new Celadon Edition from Tik Ka from East and Mighty Jaxx. In keeping with the food theme, the new version is inspired by ceramic dishes and bowls.  It also has the added wrinkle of being the most statue-like colorway to date, emphasizing the Buddhist aspect while letting the Golden Arches aspect fade into the background.

The Hambuddha Celadon Edition vinyl art toy (8") will be available on Saturday (7.13) at 6 AM PDT from Mighty Jaxx for  $169 (worldwide shipping included).  This figure is in stock and ready to ship.


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Jul 09, 2019

Bill McMullen x Munky King — SDCC Exclusive Superstar Destroyer Black Edition


It's been about two months since Munky King released the long-awaited Superstar Destroyer by Bill McMullen in the OG colorway.  His take on the Imperial Destroyer slots in nicely with McMullen's classic AD-AT figure (Span of Sunset), both of which are inspired by the classic Adidas Shelltoe.   Interestingly, McMullen created the Superstar Destroyer design before the AD-AT design.

How best to follow the OG drop?  Black, of course.  The Black Edition features a black hull with white stripes, essentially an inverse of the original design.  Limited to 100 pieces, the SDCC Exclusive Superstar Destroyer Black Edition will be available at Munky King's booth [#2649]. There is no word on pricing yet.

Munky King will release their SDCC Exclusive Superstar Destroyer in Black by Bill McMullen at their booth [#2649] for $180. The Black edition is essentially the inverse design of the OG white edition. 

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Buff Monster x Clutter Gallery — I'll Melt With You(7.13)


Clutter Gallery will present the opening of I'll Melt With You on Saturday (7.13) in Beacon, New York.  The group show will showcase artist customs of 5" resin figures of Buff Monster's signature character, Mister Melty.  Curated by Buff Monster and Clutter, the artist lineup includes Buff Monster, Battle Damage Dave, Fluke, Jim McKenzie, Katie GambKyle Kirwan, MP Gautheron, Oliver Hibert, Arbito, Bwana SpoonsL’Amour SupremeRampage Toys, Mus Musculus, Czee13, Sad Salesman, Klav9Riiisa Boogie, Mr. Mars, Cherry Moth Cake and more.  Be sure to check out the photo gallery for several previews.

Buff Monster will be at the opening, so drop by, checkout the custom Mister Melty figures, chat with Buff about the character's meaning, and enjoy a special ice cream treat from Zora Dora's created for the event.

Buff Monster || I'll Melt With You
Opening: Saturday, July 13th 2019

163 Main Street
Beacon, NY 12508


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T. Wei x Unruly Industries — Smelter Skelter (7.16)


New Zealand-based artist T. Wei has teamed up once again with Unruly Industries on his new Smelter Skelter art toy.  Based on this one preview image, the new figure seems to be a creepy, stylish take on old-school wind-up robots.  It's also a clever spin on the popular dissected or anatomical style with the robot's exterior melting away along the diagonal to reveal the skeletal demon inside.  The new figure is scheduled for a pre-release on Tuesday (7.16) between Noon and 3 PM PDT.

Smelter Skelter features the artist's familiar unfolding cube style seen in much of his original artwork and shares the skeleton link to Gone Fishin'—also by Unruly— which is available for pre-order now ($125) and slated for an August arrival.

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Jesse Hernandez x Unruly Industries — Iron Man and Wolverine Busts


Unruly Industries has revealed the upcoming Iron Man and Wolverine bust art toys from Jesse Hernandez.  In creating each of the pieces, Jesse has re-interpreted the iconic super heroes through his signature aesthetic which is heavily influenced by Aztec imagery and symbolism.  The Wolverine design is impressive as a nearly complete translation to Jesse's style, especially in terms of the mask design and detail.  Both busts will be shown at Sideshow's SDCC booth [#1929] and will be available for pre-order on Tuesday (7.16) between Noon and 3 PM PDT.


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Thomas Han — Karma Dunny Baseball Print + Sludgy Unicorn Custom


After a long hiatus, artist Thomas Han is once again creating art and toys.  He's currently offering pre-orders for his Karma Dunny Baseball print which continues his tradition of releasing baseball-card size prints to accompany each of his Dunny releases. As with his other baseball prints, the new print will arrive in a 4-screw, recessed clear baseball card holder. Limited to 20 pieces with 10 APs, the print is available now for $45 by DMing the artist on IG--be sure to follow him first.

The new release is a perfect companion for his Karma Dunny from the Dunny Series 4 (2007) by Kidrobot.    If you don't have the Karma Dunny, check out the secondary market including eBay.

In addition to the print, Thomas is working with Tenacious Toys to offer hand-painted customs. First up is the Sludgy Unicorn, a custom of the Ugly Unicorn sofubi from Rampage Toys. It's available for $125 from Tenacious Toys.


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Flat Bonnie Has a Trio of SDCC Releases


For San Diego Comic Con, Flat Bonnie has created three pop-rific plush releases available at the DKE and Giant Robot booths.  Chewbactus is a fun merging  of the brand's cactus character with the most famous Wookie of all. This large format (11") figure is a deluxe vinyl pleasure release featuring plenty of galactic detail including hand-sewn bandolier and metal spikes. It comes with a s/n hang tag and adoption certificate.  Limited to just 20 pieces, Chewbactus will be available exclusively from the DKE booth [#2643] for $100.

Flat Bonnie will also have two releases at the Giant Robot booth [#1729]: Captain Meowvel ($20) and the Mini Jackalope Plush blind bag series ($20).  Captain Meowvel ($20)features Caughtington the Hairball in cosplay as the marvelous cosmic heroine. Meowvel is 4" tall and 5" wide and features vinyl pleather, fleece and faux fur. She is signed/numbered and comes with an adoption certificate. Speaking of cosplay, the Mini Jackalope Plush blind bag series features the cute furry ones dressed up as their favorite inhabitants of Endor. Each fabric bag contains one of four colors: Brown, Grey, Tan and a mystery color.  Each Mini Jackalope stands 4.75" tall and is handmade with vinyl pleather and fleece.

For those that can't attend SDCC, Flat Bonnie is offering pre-orders for both of the Giant Robot releases from her online store. Beyond the super cute designs, Flat Bonnie's plush toys also help make the world a safer place for our furry friends. As devoted animal lovers, the brand donates a portion of all proceeds to bunny/animal rescue organizations.


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Andrew Bell Debuts 'Kisses of Death' Line at SDCC


First Kit Kats and now chocolate Kisses.  Andrew Bell continues his series  of 'dangerous' chocolate remakes with the new Kisses of Death line from O-No Food Company. A follow-up to his Kill Kat figures, the new vinyl toy treats will come in two sizes: a bag of three 2" Kisses and a 4" Skull Kiss. The bag of the 2" Kisses of Death features three different sculpts capturing the voracious beasts in different stages of a kill. The 4" Skull Kiss features a partially melted body that reveals the evil skull that lies within. As you would expect from an O-No Food release, both feature clever packaging. The smaller 2" trio comes individually foil-wrapped in a nicely branded bag, while the larger Skull Kiss comes nestled in partially opened foil wrap inside a swanky window box.

Kisses of Death will debut at SDCC with the Mostly Evil editions of the bag of three 2" Kisses ($30) and the 4" Skull Kiss ($30) from the Dumbrella booth [#1335].


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Jul 08, 2019

Andrew Bell at SDCC: King Size Death Pepper Kill Kat


If you like your re-animated treats red hot, then Andrew Bell has just the horrific flavor for you.  He'll be unleashing the King Size Death Pepper Kill Kat at San Diego Comic-Con.  At 15" tall, this new XL edition packs quite a wallop with the pure flavor of the fiery, famed and fictitious Himalayan Death Pepper and tricked out 'tri-tone fade' paint. The King Size Death Pepper Kill Kat will be available from the Dumbrella booth [#1335] for $130 each.

In other Kill Kat news, Andrew should also have the Purple Drank Kill Kats (regular size) at SDCC. These translucent treats were first available at the recent Five Points Festival.


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Skinner x Eyecon Jewelry —'Oblivion Wizard' Ring Debuts at SDCC

Oblivion Turnaround BRASS_edited-1

Mikie Graham, known to toy collectors as a customizer and one-time Blamo associate, will launch his new Eyecon Cosplay brand of distinctive jewelry and clothing at SDCC. The debut collection will include the Oblivion Wizard ring by Skinner, the first release in Eyecon's Artist Ring series.  With a grizzled beard, mystic head talisman and cosmic gaze, the Oblivion Wizard is sure to draw attention from the uninitiated. 

The Oblivion Wizard ring will be available in Yellow Brass ($75) and Sterling Silver ($222) versions in whole sizes ranging from 6 to 12. It will be released on Wednesday (7.17), Preview Night, from the Five and Diamond booth [#4521] as well as from the Eyecon Etsy shop that evening beginning at 6 PM PDT.


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Andrew Bell at SDCC: 'Spike' Android

downloadThough we're pretty sure we heard Andrew Bell say last year that this was the 'last time' and maybe the year before that too, the allure of SDCC has lured him back once again. Maybe it's the CosPlay, or the hot dogs, or all of the cool collectibles, or maybe he's addicted like the rest of us. At any rate, he's revealed the first of his Comic Con releases: the Spike Android toy.

Debuting at SDCC, the Summer-themed Android brings you the joy of the desert. The clever design is two-thirds cactus and a third terra cotta pot.  Based on the newer modular body, Spike can be mixed and matched in crazy combinations with himself and any of the Robot Revolution androids.  Find Spike ($12) and the other goodies Mr. Bell has yet to unveil at the Dumbrella booth [#1335].


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Luke Chueh x Munky King — SDCC Ghostbear GID


Luke Chueh and Munky King will unleash the new Ghostbear toy in a special glow-in-the-dark edition debuting at San Diego Comic Con.  The figure is based on the character seen in the artist's Ghostbear digital comics which he began creating shortly after the passing of his father. Limited to 299 pieces, the Ghostbear GID soft vinyl figure will be available from Munky King's SDCC booth [#2649] for $35.

While perhaps the first 'official' Ghostbear figure, the new toy does follow the previous Jiangshi figure from VTSS. No word yet on when we can expect the OG white Ghostbear toy.


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QUICCS x Martian Toys — TEQ63 TEQTRON Edition (7.9)


Before the Matrix, Tron invited all of us to consider what it would mean to become truly digital.  In honor of the 37th Anniversary of the classic sci-fi film, QUICCS and Martian Toys have created the TEQTRON edition of the popular TEQ63 vinyl art toy. The new edition features the futuristic circle + line markings symbolic of the ENCOM mainframe.

Limited to 299 pieces, TEQTRON will be available on Tuesday (7.9) at 9 AM PDT for $75 exclusively from MartianToys.com and Mothership Toy Gallery in Philadelphia. This release is limited to 2 per household.

Photo: @rat.daddy_

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Super7 x Gorilla Biscuits — 30th Anniversary Red ReAction Tribute Set


Super 7 and NYC Hardcore band Gorilla Biscuits continue their 10+ year collaboration with the brand-new 30th Anniversary Gorilla Biscuits ReAction Figure (red) box set. As with the two previous sets, this third set is inspired by the third (final) pressing of the band's self-titled album which was released on red 7" vinyl.   Packaged in a stylish box, the set includes the Red Gorilla Biscuits ReAction blister-carded figure with 'GB' 7" large-hole adapter/figure stand, a new 7" red vinyl with large center hole and new label design plus a 16-page booklet celebrating the history of the recording and its release. As you may know, the center hole adapter allows you to play the record while the mascot figure spins round and round.   Available now exclusively from Super7 for $60, the new red tribute set follows the previous blue (1st press) and purple (2nd press) sets. The new red tribute set is limited to one per collector.


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Jul 06, 2019

Mighty Jaxx x Brandalised — 'Kissing Coppers' Polystone


Mighty Jaxx is currently offering a 24-hour timed pre-release of their new Kissing Coppers polystone figure inspired by the mural from legendary street artist/prankster Banksy. Licensed through the Brandalised brand from Full Colour Black Ltd, the figure features black and white paint effects designed to recreate the look of Banksy's stenciled walls.  The 10" polystone figure is available now for pre-order until Sunday (7.7)  5:59 AM PDT direct from Mighty Jaxx for $350 each.

With Banksy art toys, the question of authenticity  is ever present and seemingly vague.  Medicom has released several high-profile art toys featuring Banksy's iconic images through their Sync brand via the Brandalism trademark which is owned by Full Colour Black, the same firm that provided the license for Mighty Jaxx's new Kissing Coppers toy.  For us the best evidence that Full Colour Black has Banksy's OK, is the apparent lack of any public complaint from Banksy.  Not proof per se, but suggestive evidence of an official connection, be it license or tacit approval. With Banksy merch (other than prints), that seems to be as 'official' as it gets.


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