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The Thailand Toy Expo always offers exclusive releases and highly anticipated collaborations, but this year, it’s taking things to a whole new level. Sooya Studio, renowned for their whimsical bisque dolls, including fan-favorite “Pan”, has partnered with JPX for “TOY”.

Make no mistake, “TOY” is not your average plaything, this mascot seamlessly blends Sooya’s signature playful and imaginative designs with JPX’s esteemed toy-crafting prowess, resulting in a masterpiece that will captivate any toy enthusiast.

Every aspect of “TOY”, from its intricate details to its vibrant hues, screams premium collectible. This collaboration isn’t just a meeting of two powerful brands; it symbolizes the Thailand Toy Expo‘s dedication to delivering the best of toy culture to its fans.

Don’t miss out on the exclusive release of Sooya Studio x JPX: Nong Toy, which will be available only at the Thailand Toy Expo, running from April 4th to April 7th. Stay updated on sale details by following JPX on social media.