Jan 29, 2019

Litorsworks Will Debut Umasou! Yogurt Jellyfish at Wonder Festival (2.10)


Litorsworks has burst on the scene in the last year or so thanks in no part to the popularity of Umasou!, the super cute girl-in-a-dinosaur soft vinyl figure.  Now, they are expanding the Umasou! unvierse with the new Jellyfish figure. As with before, the girls fits inside the larger figure.

The new figure set debuts with the Yogurt Jellyfish GID edition for this year's Winter Wonder Festival (2.10.19) at Makuhari Messe just outside of Tokyo. Find the Umasou! Jellyfish at the Litorsworks booth [7-16-03].


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'Work Dog' Kickstarter Campaign by Vincent Scala


If you follow Vincent Scala on Instagram, you've likely seen his Work Dog short comics featuring the character's office misadventures often involving his infuriating computer. Now, Work Dog is about to jump from the page to the shelf as Scala's next art toy. The new vinyl toy design celebrates the trials and tribulations of office work. Wearing a forced smile and typical work attire, the toy  should make a great empathetic office toy/companion. Digitally sculpted by Vin DiResta, Work Dog stands 6" tall and feature an articulated head and arms.

To make his new vision a reality, Scala has launched the Work Dog Kickstarter campaign to raise the necessary production funds.  This is the artist's third toy funded through Kickstarter and follows his previous Lucky Cat and Mickey Monster figures. Rewards include an enamel pin and sticker combo ($15), a step-up package that also includes a 6x6' collection of the comics ($30), and of course a fully-painted Work Dog vinyl ($35). Finally, the deluxe package gets you everything for $50.


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Super7 Goes Green : Wing Kong and ZombieFighter


Super7 returns to its roots with two new sofubi figures sporting varying shades of glorious green.  First up is the Wing Kong Jade Statue edition(9", $125) featuring a rare double pour process with a translucent green outer layer and in an inner opaque green pour.

And… talk about roots, S7 has also dropped a new edition of the celebrated Zombiefighter collab with Secret Base.  The Mean Green edition (5.5", $65) features dark blue, blue, yellow and white accents. 

Both of the new Super7 sofubi releases are available directly from their web shop.


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Kidrobot x Gary Baseman x 3DRetro -- Exclusive Ahwroo (1.29)


As they teased last night, Kidrobot is set to release this exclusive edition of Ahwroo! by Gary Baseman and 3Dretro this morning (1.29) at 9 AM PST from Kidrobot.com.  While many (including us) probably would have liked to see a full pic earlier, the lack of one does add to the anticipation for these quick drops.

Limited to 130 pieces, this metallic version features silver skin and  is a nice counterpart to the OG brown/tan edition. No price has been announced as of this post.


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Jan 28, 2019

Luke Chueh x VTSS -- Bruised Lee Gold

bruised lee GOLD01_700

First seen in proto form back in May '18 at The Pop Life FanX convention held in Gaungzhou, China,  the wait for the Gold edition of the Bruised Lee figure from Luke Chueh and VTSS is over. Limited to just 100 pieces, the 6.3" Bruised Lee Gold vinyl toy features a gold bear, clad in black with black + gold nunchucks.  The follow-up to the OG yellow edition is now available from VTSS's web shop for $120 with free worldwide shipping. 


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Jan 27, 2019

Twelvedot —Sorcerer's Apprentice APO Frog (2.4)


The return of the APO Frogs continues with the new Sorcerer's Apprentice (5") from Twelvedot.  This fun, mystical edition feature a purple (body) + yellow (belly) frog with a magical piggie cloak—likely a celebration of the Year of the Pig.

Limited to 300 pieces worldwide, the magical amphibian drops on Monday February 4th 2019 at 7 AM PST from Twelvedot and select retailers including myplasticheart (USA, $70).


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Jan 26, 2019

Kikkake -- The Auspicious Guy (1.27)


Kikkake Toy debuted The Auspicious Guy sofubi figures in an unpainted mixed parts edition at DesignerCon back in November. The elaborate figure featuring a child-like character in formal traditional garb takes on new life (and meaning) with the upcoming first painted editions dropping this Sunday (1.27).  With the addition of the skull drum sticks, it turns out that the curious smiley face attached to the front of the character is in fact a drum—perhaps played to change fortunes.

The three painted editions (blue, red and orange) are a sight to behold—full of life and the seeds of fantastical stories.  Kikkake Toy will release these first painted editions via his online store on Sunday (1.27) at 6 AM PST.


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Jan 25, 2019

Ngaew Ngaew — Snowy Ngeaw Online Release (1.27)


Perfect for the middle of winter comes the Snowy Ngeaw (~5")from Thai artist Ngaew Ngaew and Unbox.  Braving the cold, the chilly new scarf-wearing edition features a white + blue design that transitions from a snowy white  to translucent blue ice/water with a bright red nose.

Snowy Ngeaw will be released  on Sunday (1.27) at 5 AM PST from the artist's facebook page for $70 each.  To order, comment on the official order post (available at the release time) with a '1' indicating that you'd like one figure.  If there's available stock, you will receive notification with payment instructions.


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Byebyechuchu x ToyZeroPlus -- RUYH Ology Chicken


Ology Chicken by Taiwanese artist Byebyechuchu is the newest addition to ToyZeroPlus' Raise Up Your Hands (RUYH) series of mini figures. The cute, chubby chicken is off to a flying start with Paradise Toy's 1-minute sell-out of a special pre-order of 100 signed pieces. 

While the signed editions have come and gone, the regular stock should be arriving at Paradise and perhaps other retailers shortly.  Based on Byebyechuchu's signature character, the Ology Chicken toy stands ~2.75" tall and retails for ~$13.   Oh, did we mention he's super cute?


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TKOM — NEO Doublethink #1 Lottery


TKOM is releasing the debut edition of his new NEO Doublethink sofubi (11") via lottery.  The re-done Doublethink features a considerably revised sculpt with two completely separate heads, and revised arms, legs, and torso while retaining the same fun, monster vibe.  The original sculpt is shown below for comparison.

Limited to 40 pieces, NEO Doublethink #1 is available via lottery for ¥50,000 (~$458).  To enter for a chance to purchase, fill out the application form on the artist's website by the deadline of Saturday (1.26) at 6:59 AM PST.


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The Magician and Friends x Unbox — Oni Warrior Tattoo Edition (1.26)


As part of their regular weekend drops Unbox Industries will bring you an online release of the new Oni Warrior Tattoo Edition soft vinyl from The Magician and FriendsSteven Choi and William Tsang.  First released at Toy Soul back in mid-December, this edition features a split blue/red design with elaborate tattoo graphics throughout Oni's body, front and rear.  While we've seen a smaller amount of tattoo-style deco on at least one previous release (STS ver from April), the graphics appear to be different between the editions.

Oni Warrior Tattoo will be available for $140  on Saturday (1.26) at 7 AM PST from the Unbox shop.


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Delta Vinyl -- Hanako Mark III Z Lottery


Next up from Delta Vinyl is the Hanako Mark III Z.  The latest edition of his unusual, lighthearted robot sofubi features a black + light blue color scheme with red and gold accents.  The organic/reptilian head is one of the standout features of this mashup-style sculpt.

Delta Vinyl is currently offering the Hanako Mark III Z for ¥28,000 (~$256) via lottery until 5 AM PST on Saturday (1.26).  To enter send the artist an IG DM with your name, shipping address including postal code, phone number, email address and Paypal ID.


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Gary Ham x Kidrobot -- Autumn Stag 20" Dunny Pre-Order


Talk about going BIG.  Starting with his well-received 3" Autumn Stag design for the DTA Dunny Series, Gary Ham has designed its big brother. The 20" Autumn Stag Dunny takes full advantage of the larger size mostly notably with three 5" Dunny Birds and a functional swing.  The sculpted-in wood texture is a nice match for the production challenges posed by the larger 20" size. 

For this special 20" Dunny, Kidrobot is taking a special route with sales by offering it via pre-order.  Limited to 40 pieces, the 20" Autumn Stag Dunny is available for pre-order for $650 exclusively at Kidrobot.com. As a sweet bonus, twenty lucky collectors will receive a special Dunny Bird that will be signed, doodled or fully customized.  One collector will receive a fully-painted Dunny Bird by Gay Ham.  This is likely the most elaborate 20" Dunny to-date as well as one of the rarest (?) at just 40 pieces.


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Jan 24, 2019

Steven Harrington x ToyQube -- Gotcha Vintage Edition Online Release (1.25)


ToyQube will release Gotcha Vintage Edition from LA artist Steven Harrington on Friday (1.25) at 12 PM PST for $225 from the TQ web shop.  The third (and final) edition of Gotcha features light green palm trees and sepia-tinged shoes on Mello, his signature dog character.  This is the final opportunity to pick up the popular piece which was previously released at ComplexCon and DesignerCon.


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Jermaine Rogers -- Online Release: Animal Toy Soldier & Shadow Editions (1.25)


Animal comes out of the anonymous darkness and into your life. Jermaine Rogers will release his new timely, haunting resin sculptures (8") in both Toy Soldier and Shadow editions (editions of 50)  on Friday (1.25) at 12 PM PST for $250 each from his web shop.


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Amanda Visell -- Star Nose Mole and Stag Double Drop


Amanda Visell has just released two new resin editions.  The aptly named Star Nose Mole and Miner set (Edition of 10, $90). features a natural-style color design for the mole (3.5") and a bespectacled Miner.   Fans of Visell's very popular Wood series will certainly appreciate her new Stag and LumberJane set (Edition of 10, $90) featuring a 6.5" Stag with her signature wood pattern and a wee LumberJane who's hitched a ride.  Both of the new resin sets are available for pre-order now from Switcheroo and are set to ship in 2-3 weeks.


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Super7 x Masked Republic -- Legends of Lucha Libre ReAction Figures


Perhaps turned off by the glitz and glam of mainstream pro wrestling, many hardcore fans found the action they craved with Mexico's Lucha Libre  Now, Super7 in conjunction with Masked Republic brings the high-flyin', masked wrestling warriors to your desk or display case with the new Legends of Lucha Libre ReAction figures (5").  

First to hit the mat are Blue Demon Jr. (regular/in suit), Solar (regular/in suit), and Tinieblas Jr. (regular).  Each of the figures features card art by Ed Repka and are available now for $15.99 each from Super7 and LuchaShop.com.

If you're in San Francisco, Super7 is hosting an official release party this Friday (1.25, 6-9 PM) at their location on 16th St.  Come for the toys and stay for the free tacos, drinks as well as screenings of classic lucha films.

Legends of Lucha Libre ReAction Figures Release Party
Friday, January 25th 2019 (6-9 PM)

Super7 San Francisco
3253 16th Street
San Francisco, CA 94103


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Jason Freeny x Mighty Jaxx -- XXRAY+ Elmo Pink


For their weekly drop, Mighty Jaxx and Jason Freeny return to Sesame Street for a special XXRAY+ Drop: Elmo Pink.  The new Pink edition vinyl (8.5") features six shades of Pink to please and follows the OG and Mono editions. This one delivers the XXRAY/Jason Freeny recipe of  3/4 normal + 1/4 dissected anatomy.

Elmo Pink will be released on Saturday (1.26) at 6 AM PST from Mighty Jaxx's web shop for $120 with free shipping.  Elmo Pink is in stock and will ship shortly. No word on whether these will arrive before Valentine's Day, they'd make a perfect gift for someone special. 


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Cure Toys -- Blood Vessels Skin Boogie Man Pre-Orders from Lulubell Toys


Lulubell Toys is offering pre-orders for the wild Blood Vessels Skin Boogie Man sofubi (7") from Japan's Cure Toys for $135 through Saturday February 2nd at 5 PM PST.  This special edition ships with white sickle and mask accessories. There are no order maximums for this drop, perfect for customizers looking to stock up.

A unique twist on DIY/blank toys, The Blood Vessels Skin Boogie Man's striking effect is achieved by combining flesh tone vinyl with embedded flecks which simulate blood vessels.  The result is effective and quite creepy.  As with all Boogie Man figures, this one is highly articulated with movement  at the neck, shoulders, wrists and ankles.


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Mishka x Lamour Supreme x BlackBook Toy -- Warhead OG


BlackBook Toy has dropped the Warhead OG sofubi (~5") by Mishka and Lamour Supreme. This first painted edition of The Beast's ultimate weapon is available now from BBT for ¥5,400 (~$49). As is only fitting, the OG Warhead features Mishka's signature 'Keep Watch' design with the all-seeing eyeball.

Warhead fits into The Beast's hand without magnetic assistance.  With magnets, The Beast can wield its power more freely in dynamic, gravity-defying poses. It also stands nicely on its tail fins.


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Lunartik -- Self in A Cup of Tea


Toy tea time is back… After a rather lengthy hiatus, Lunartik is back with a special Cup Of Tea.  A self portrait in toy form, The Self in a Cup of Tea, features a 3D-output square-block head with large, vertical blank eyes and a paint brush accessory which is also 3D-printed.  Limited to 30 signed and numbered pieces,  the newest Lunartik tea brew is available now directly from his web shop for ¥30 (~$39).


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Pocket Plastic -- Rocky Arctic Ice Edition (1.25)

Rocky, the boxing gorilla, is back from Kevin Nam and Pocket Plastic with the Artic Ice Edition.  The follow-up to the OG debut release, Arctic Ice features two different marbled colorways—Arctic Blue  (blue+ white) and Ice White (white + clear)—each with matching cubic-zirconia eyes.  Within the faceted 3" sculpt lies the mastery of balance, Rocky can stand on each of his four limbs for plenty of posing fun.  

Limited to 15 pieces of each colorway (30 total), the Rocky Arctic Ice Edition will be available on Friday (1.25) at 8 AM PST for $30 direct from Pocket Plastic's web shop.


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King Janky the 3rd is here from Superplastic

Screen Shot 2019-01-24 at 10.02.30 AM

Ta-da! Superplastic has just released his royal toyness, King Janky the 3rd. This time around, the King is ready to party by the pool with his shades, royal trunks, cash stack, handy dandy Super money gun and donut pool float. Limited to 1500 pieces, this fun royal edition is available now for $16.00 direct from the Superplastic Store.


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Jan 23, 2019

Mark Nagata x Planet X - Handpainted Goliathon Ape


Mark Nagata has worked his airbrush magic on a small run of  Goliathon Ape soft vinyl figures from Planet X.  These feature a colorful pattern of rainbow-hued Monstor Kolor paint over glow in the dark vinyl.  As nice as these look in regular light, the glow shot is truly the money shot.

Nagata's run of  Goliathon Apes are available now directly from Max Toy Company for $350 with free shipping.


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Kaijin x One Up - Grendizer Black Lottery


One Up released Kaijin's sofubi take on the mighty Grendizer by Go Nagai back in December. At the time the release was limited to Japan.  Thankfully the Kaijin Grendizer (~5.5") in the debut black is now available to overseas collectors via email lottery for ¥4300 (~$39) through 7 PM PST on Friday (1.25).  To enter the lottery follow the fairly standard directions provided by One Up. For those that grew up on mecha anime, this one should prove tempting.

Main Photo: NegoPuri28


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