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Introducing the highly anticipated Super Mola Molas, now ready to make a splash in the world of collectors. These exquisite hand-painted masterpieces are not just ordinary toys; they are stunning art pieces that will elevate any space they grace. Immerse yourself in a kaleidoscope of 12 vibrant colors, each carefully selected to ignite conversations and turn heads. Every Super Mola Mola sculpture undergoes a meticulous process of airbrushing, using a dazzling array of lacquer-based paints. 

To create truly unique hues, we even custom-blend our colors, ensuring that no two pieces are alike. An edition of 57 PCs of Super Mola Molas ( 6” x 5.75”, $175), will be available through Chris Lee’s Online Shop on Saturday 4/20 at 10 am PDT.Limited one per person. First come first serve.