Small Universe Lottery by Itokin Park

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As previously mentioned, Itokin Park is releasing his new Small Universe micro figures as sets pairing one of his space explorer mini figures (Astronaut, Power Suit and Space Mode Man) with one of 18 of the teeny tiny GID spacey micros in fun space saucer style capsules. With the lottery drop now underway here are the full details.

There are three sets to choose from: #1 Astronaut (Orange/Black) + random GID Small Universe micro, #2 Space Mode Man (Blue/Red) + random GID Small Universe micro, #3 Power Suit (Red/Black) + random GID Small Universe Micro. In addition to the randomly chosen Small Universe figure, the color of the saucer will be random as well. The randomness adds some fun variety to the drop and makes collecting them all…rather challenging.

The Small Universe sets (4″ larger figure) are available now for $100 each via lottery until the deadline of Friday (3.11) in Japan. To enter send an email to with 1) Your Full Name, 2) Shipping Address, 3) Telephone Number and 4) Item Number (first choice, second choice, third choice). If you’d like only one color, list just that item number. If you’d like to buy all three, use ‘all’ for your first choice and then list your preference order for the 2nd and 3rd choice as a backup if one or more sets have sold out. Good Luck!

U (3.9 @ 8:49 PM) : Added pricing and height.

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