Small Universe Sets by Itokin Park

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Japanese artist Itokin Park (Kazuhiko Ito) is about to make collectors very happy with his upcoming Small Universe soft vinyl sets. Back at DesignerCon 2019, Itokin Park released sets pairing his popular astronaut figures (3 varieties) with micro figs in their own space saucer capsules. The upcoming sets continue that approach but with a vastly expanded Small Universe with a large number of new sculpts.

The Small Universe designs feature a large number of astronauts with various poses and accessories, a Mikazukin (moon), as well as several space animals, robots and an alien or two. The astronauts are the focus here with so much variety (12 shown in the group photo). While the group pic shows 20 total designs, Kazu has mentioned that this drop will feature 18 different micros.

Each set will include one of the larger space figures — Astronaut (clear helmet), Space Mode Man, and Power Suit—as well as a randomly chosen GID Small Universe figure with randomly colored saucer capsule. For this drop each of the larger figures feature a snazzy 2-tone design: Astronaut in Orange/Black, Space Mode Man in Blue/Red and Power Suit in Red/Black.

The Small Universe sets will be released by Itokin Park very shortly for ‘mail order’—perhaps lottery based. Specific release info to come shortly. Be sure to check out the photo gallery (above) for photos of each of the three main figures, group shot of all the Small Universe figures and a large number of behind-the-scenes pictures—all courtesy of Itokin Park.

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