Tomenosuke Exclusive TekeTeke Edition by mstoysjapan

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Tomenosuke has released its Exclusive TekeTeke sofubi edition from mstoysjapan. The special edition was painted by Liberty Tokyo using their striking Gin-Kyo (silver mirror) painting process which allows for colorful gradients with a finish similar to chrome. Featuring an otherworldly rainbow-hued design, the TekeTeke figure comes with a smaller Chibi version as well. The impressive painting process was also featured in the now sold-out Thomas Nosuke Gin-Kyo edition by Doktor A x Tomenosuke.

Drawn from school teacher Toru Tsunemitsu’s Gakko no Kadian book of collected ghost stories, the TekeTeke ghost character is featured in the first three School Ghost Stories (Gakko no Kadian) films for which Tomenosuke owner Shiniji Nakako served as the SFX producer.

An edition of five, the Tomenosuke Exclusive TekeTeke was released for pre-order on April 4th, 2021 at 4:44 PM from Tomenosuke’s Japan Store with a price of ¥44,444 ($405) as a tribute to Gakko no Kadian 2’s dire warning of something ominous happening on April 4th at 4:44 PM.