The Maiden by Po Yun Wang x Mighty Jaxx

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Po Yun Wang’s humorous take on fast food continues with The Maiden vinyl art from Mighty Jaxx. The new figure features the immediately recognizable red-haired girl mascot from a certain old-fashioned burger chain.

As with the previous Picky Eaters releases, she splits her time between enjoying fast food and blissfully picking her nose, hence the series title. While you might be tempted to be fixated on her left land, she’s hiding all the fun behind her back. The figure comes with four switchable right hands including one holding a to-go bag and one with a blue Twitter-like bird. The Twitter choice is spot-on, a timely reference to Wendy’s anything-but-corporate feed featuring sharp witted, sarcastic, and just plain funny tweets. The Maiden follows the previously-released The Clown and The Grandpa editions.

The Picky Eaters: The Maiden vinyl art toy (8″) will be available as a 24-hr timed pre-release starting on Saturday (2.20) at 6 AM PST from Mighty Jaxx for $149 (global shipping included). The Maiden is slated to ship in July 2021.