Picky Eaters: The Grandpa by Po Yu Wang x Mighty Jaxx

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Switching from burgers to fried chicken, Po Yun Wang continues his punny Picky Eaters series with The Grandpa who, not coincidentally, resembles a certain ‘Colonel’. The humorous, ill-mannered figure features the signature finger up the nose and a more discreet hand behind the back. As with The Clown, The Grandpa features four removable hands— one scratching an itch, a pointy one as well as two holding fun food surprises, a Jollibee parody brown bag and a rubber chicken. For picky eaters, The Grandpa comes with a fun ‘food picker’, a handy die with illustrations of different foods on each side.

The Picky Eaters: The Grandpa vinyl art toy (8″) will be available for pre-order on Saturday (9.26) at 6 AM PDT for 24 hours only from Mighty Jaxx for $145 (shipping included). The figure is slated to ship in January 2021.