Picky Eaters: The Clown by Po Yun Wang x Mighty Jaxx

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Po Yun Wang has collaborated with Mighty Jaxx to create the new Picky Eaters toy series. The lighthearted, play-on-words series is based on Wang’s illustrations featuring iconic characters picking their noses. The simple, slightly crude approach instantly makes established brand mascots and popular movie characters more relatable.

The new art toy series debuts with The Clown, Wang’s take on arguably the most famous fast food mascot of all time. The slightly chubby version features the classic red+yellow suit, the bushy red hair, and yes, a finger up the nose. Tucked behind his back is a surprise, one of four removable right hands. There’s the traitorous one holding a bag of Wendy’s, a butt-scratching one, one with crossed-fingers and an ‘OK’ one.

The new Picky Eaters: The Clown vinyl art toy (8”) will be available for pre-order on Saturday (4.25) at 6 AM PDT from Mighty Jaxx for $149 (free shipping).