Seafoam UberKranky by Sket-One x Superplastic

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Superplastic’s Seafoam UberKranky superizes Sket-One’s spray can-inspired design. At 15″ tall, this first-ever UberKranky dwarfs the regular 8″ SuperKranky while retaining its good looks and yes, the can rattle. Did we mention it features a sophisticated shade of blue?

An edition of 666, the Seafoam UberKranky vinyl art toy (15″) is available for preorder from Superplastic for $175 and is slated to ship in March 2021.

2 Replies to “Seafoam UberKranky by Sket-One x Superplastic”

  1. How do we get are hands on these? Please help and send me the website/link. I must have it. Thank you.
    Melissa R.

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