Chromoly Superkranky by Sket-One x Superplastic

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Sket-One brings the shiny shiny with the new Chromoly Superkranky from Superplastic. The latest shade of his old school graffiti vinyl art toy celebrates Krylon’s Chromoly metallic spray paint. As with all Kranky’s, Chromoly captures the full graff experience by including the telltale rattle.

An edition of 999, the Chromoly Superkranky drops in on Thursday (7.30) at 11 AM PDT direct from Superplastic for $90. Interestingly, Sket teased this edition way back in December along with the 24 Kranky Gold.

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    1. These were available direct from Superplastic’s website — link was/is in the post. They sold out fairly quickly.

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