A ‘New Dawn’ Rises with the 1st Kid Katana Vinyl by 2petalrose

UK-based 2petalrose’s Kid Katana figure has proven to be extremely popular from the first 3″ handmade resin editions (2017) to the larger 7″ production resin figures (2019) from Collect and Display x Unbox Industries. Now the youthful samurai is ready for the final step in his path, vinyl.

Kid Katana is set to debut in a brand-new vinyl figure with the New Dawn edition. The white, red and gray colorway features an ornate, oversized samurai helmet with flower crest symbol, samurai armor with the traditional Japanese ‘rising sun’ symbol on the chestplate and of course, a katana in a white saya (scabbard).

The Kid Katana New Dawn vinyl art toy is set for release on Friday, November 27, 2020 from 2Petalrose’s online store. Look for more details as the drop approaches.