2PetalRose – Kid Katana Debuts in 3” Editions (8.28)

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The wait for 2PetalRose’s Kid Katana is almost over.  His young yet deadly rebel debuts as a deluxe 3” mini figure complete with sashimono, katana, flag, base, lucky Noodles mascot by Concrete and Bone.  and scroll packaged in a nifty carded blister. Kid Katana will drop  in both OG and Skull editions limited to 15 hand-painted pieces each for £70 pounds (~ $89) on Monday (8.28) at 8 AM PDT over at 2PetalRose’s web store.

While his smallest figure so far, Kid Katana delivers 2PetalRose’s signature stylized samurai aesthetic with a high-level of detail thanks in part to the excellent digital sculpting by Oasim Karmieh.   We’re also looking forward to seeing what magic 2PetalRose weaves with the upcoming larger editions of the new figure.

This journey begins at Capitol Point, a small underground bunker town on the outskirts of what used to be Tokyo city. Those that survived the last war were forced underground to escape being captured and enslaved by the Emperor. With very little entertainment, children are encouraged to train in the ancient art of the Samurai under the guidance of Master ZU. One katana wielding student they call “The Kid” is ready to fight back and free the slaves, but he can’t do it alone. . . He needs to assemble a team…. of Renegade Knights.