2PetalRose x Collect and Display — Kid Katana Original Renegade (3.30)

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Collect and Display will release the debut Kid Katana (Original Renegade) art toy resin (8″) from 2PetalRose on Tuesday (3.30) at 7 AM PDT from their online store for £175 ($228).  The new Kid Katana—nestled in between the original 3″ and the larger blanks created for his recent solo show—fulfills the dream of a production 2pr toy. With only so much time to steal away at night or on the weekends, the artist has only been able to release extremely small runs of his in-demand, stylized feudal Japan figures.

A deluxe production, the Original Renegade edition is limited to 200 pieces and includes interchangeable helmet/top knot as well, katana with bowed, faux leather strap and a signed/numbered Certificate of Authenticity.  As you can see from the pictures, 2PetalRose and the production team at Unbox have been meticulous in carrying over as much of the 2pr handmade-figure experience as possible in a production piece.  The attention to detail continues right through to the packaging which includes the die-cut foam insert the artist’s collectors have come to expect.  This is an absolute must for 2pr collectors.