Lowfool // Winner by Fools Paradise

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Fools Paradise has just opened pre-orders for its Lowfool // Winner vinyl art toy, their take on Two Face (aka Harvey Dent) from the The Dark Knight film. The ironically named Winner brings us the Lowfool version of the character at his bloody, horrific height—normal muscular Fool on one side next to ravaged, maniacal, faceless villain on the other. This just might be the goriest Fools Paradise figure so far from Winner’s scorched and charred face to his bloodied, blistered suit. Going by the promo photos, the execution seems to capture the tragic villain’s visceral impact.

The new figure is a fitting follow-up to their just released foolish version of Joker, Lowfool // Schemer, who was instrumental in Dent’s explosive transformation into the split face, coin-flipping terror. Standing 13 tall roughly the same silhouette, Winner and Schemer will make a truly diabolical duo.

An edition capped to no more than 398, the Lowfool // Winner vinyl toy is available for pre-order for $268 ($308 w/global shipping) directly from Fools Paradise. The split-personality Fool is scheduled to ship in the first quarter of 2021.

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