Fools Paradise: Lowfool vs Lowfool: Inner Enemies

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Fools Paradise kicked off their Lowfool vs. Lowfool series last August with Inner Conflict featuring the Man of Steel. Now they continue the vs. battle with the new Inner Enemies edition featuring a Caped Crusading Lowfool. The new Batman edition closely mirrors the Superman edition, featuring the Gotham-based Lowfool seated in front of a ‘Fools Fighter II’ arcade cabinet  emblazoned with his likeness. As with the previous release, Inner Enemies brings the pixellated battle to life through a mix of vinyl and pvc, is  limited to 398 pieces and  is available for pre-order for $255 (+$30 for global shipping) directly through Fools Paradise while supplies last.  Inner Enemies is slated to ship in Q2 2017 – with orders fulfilled in the order received.

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