Lowfool // Schemer by Fools Paradise

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Fools Paradise revisits the twisted, tortured mind of the Joker with the upcoming Lowfool // Schemer vinyl art toy. Drawn from a pivotal, destructive scene from The Dark Knight, the green-haired Fool is seen in his nurse’s outfit, detonator in hand. Beyond the signature bulked-up Lowfool profile, Schemer‘s stylistic choices include neon green hair + mustache as well as multicolor socks. At 13” tall, Schemer is an in-your-face, over-the-top reminder of the first truly twisted portrayal of the clown prince.

Limited to a maximum of 398 pieces, Lowfool // Schemer is available for pre-order now for $268 ($308 with global shipping) directly from Fools Paradise. The figure is slated to ship in Q1 2020.