‘Sleeping Beauty of Color’ Release by We Art Doing

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First previewed a few weeks back, the  intriguing, boundary-pushing Sleeping Beauty of Color resin art piece from We Art Doing is set for pre-order this week. With the official announcement, the full nature of the release comes into focus. Taking form from a tube of paint  the fairy-like beauty is designed as a 2.5D relief sculpture molded into her mixing palette backdrop. While we had initially suggested this was a wall-mounted design, the Sleeping Beauty of Color will in-fact come with a mini wooden easel for display, a fitting choice for the inspired painting-as-creation concept.

Apart from the creative concept, The Sleeping Beauty of Color’s draw lies in the poignant sculpt of the Beauty and the effortless way she seems to take shape out of the flowing paint. Both the Rainbow and Pink editions have an inviting aura, a sense of a newfound experience.

As alluded to before, this release seems to stretch the limits of the art toy concept in terms of a 3D sculpture. From a more open-minded perspective, the piece may suggest new possibilities opened by relaxing the focus on ‘figures’ and interpreting ‘art toy’ both more literally and liberally.

The Sleeping Beauty of Color resin art toys (10.63″ tall without easel) in both Rainbow (699 pieces) and Pink Editions (299 pieces) will be available for pre-order on Thursday (3.30) at 7 AM PDT from select retailers including myplasticheart ($165 Rainbow / $175 Pink ) and Strangecat Toys ($165 Rainbow / $175 Pink ).