Yaya Matcha by MoeDouble x We Art Doing

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MoeDouble’s Yaya, an ice cream girl monster, debuted just a few weeks ago in a pink colorway from We Art Doing.  As the cold stuff melts quickly, the new Matcha version is set to drop this week. The green tea-infused version features a green-yellow gradient design with edition-specific hair ornaments (whipped cream dollop and green candy swirl) and a green leaf insignia on her shirt. It looks as if each edition will have its own ornaments and shirt designs—the pink version featured heart and candy ornaments as well as a lollipop shirt.

Beyond the figure’s melting ice cream concept, Matcha’s promo pics also hint at an additional sweet tie-in. With their exposed teeth the scoops of ice cream on the side do subtly resemble macaroons.

The Yaya Matcha art toy will be released on Wednesday (4.29) at 7 AM PST with a suggested retail of $79 from select retailers including 23 Toys (Taiwan), Atong Shopp (Thailand), Strangecat Toys (USA), The Toy Chronicle (UK) and Toy Galleria (Singapore),