‘The Sleeping Beauty of Color’ by We Art Doing

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Newly established art studio We Art Doing—founded by Sank Toys—is gearing up for a unique new offering.  Created in-house, the The Sleeping Beauty of Color art project features a colorful fairy emerging from a paint tube onto a mixing palette.  The wondrous 2.5D design is apparently designed to be wall-mounted and pushes the boundaries of art toys. The creative concept blends an engaging character with a fairly seamless narrative of artistic creation.  The sculpted detail of the beauty’s hair, expression and convincing texture of the paint tube moves the project from intriguing idea to awaited arrival.

From the preview images, we know that the ‘The Sleeping Beauty of Color’ will arrive in at least two colorways—Rainbow and Pink. We are expecting a release in about a month or so. Additional details are scarce at the moment.