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Mar 18, 2019

KAWS 20" Companion Plush (3.21)


Surprise!  In addition to the previous announced KAWS: Holiday Hong Kong collection, KAWS and All Rights Reserved will release exclusive limited-edition 20" Companion Plush toys. Based on the photos these feature a soft, terry-cloth like texture and will be available in Gray, Brown, and Black as a set. Even more interesting is that they appear quite posable, perhaps through some sort of flexible armature?

The KAWS 20" Companion Plush will drop on Thursday (3.21) at 6 PM PDT from DDT Store along with reset of the KAWS:Holiday Hong Kong collection.


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Roby Dwi Antono — 'Intimacy' Sculpture


VTSS has released Roby Dwi Antono's Intimacy in two sculptural editions.  Based on the Indonesian artist's drawing of the same name (see photo gallery), the Pop Surrealist piece features a girl with a rabbit head but apparently human hands and feet sharing a moment with an amorphous, cloud-like creature with distinctly human faces, perhaps an exploration of human nature and identity.

First shown at One Art Taipei in January 2019, Intimacy is available for pre-order in a hand-painted polystone edition (Edition of 100, 13", $600) as a well as a white ceramic edition (Edition 50, 10 inches, $800) direct from VTSS.  Both editions  laser-etched wooden boxes.  Each also includes special signed/number certificates of authenticity done in wood for the polystone edition and in ceramic for the ceramic edition.


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JT Studio — Kong & Sixx Available Now

2pack1 copy

JT Studio has completed production on their Street meets East Kong and SIxx 1/6 figures.  First available as a pre-order back in October '18, the figures blend East and West, Modern and Traditional by fusing the legend of the Monkey King (Sun WuKong) with skating and street style. Kong & Sixx are in-stock and available for purchase directly from the JT Studio shop for $280 (+ s/h).  They are also available in a  deluxe 2-pack set ($550) which includes bonus fiery masks. 

The fiery Kong and his alter-ego Sixx come with a diverse set of accessories and clothing including Wu Kong-style masks, battle flags/banners, 'Superbar' staves, floral all-over-print hooded jackets, three sets of interchangeable hands and of course 'cloud' decks, a fun reference to the the legendary Monkey King's use of clouds to move about. Kong and Sixx are the latest examples of JT Studio's skill and creativity in making 1/6 art figures, a category in which it has few peers.


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Toy Geeks: Behind the Counter S3E6: 'Send Nudies'


Back on track with a weekly schedule, the brand-new episode of Toy Geeks: Behind the Counter is available now for streaming on Youtube and after the jump. Titled Send Nudies, S3E6 features regular Geeks George Gaspar, Ben Goretsky, Jack Muramatsu and a guest appearance from our producer/man behind the camera,  DeKorner Kevin.

Hit play, sit back, and enjoy reviews of the Kickstarter-launched Neudies, King Size Kill Kat from Andrew Bell, Kidrobot's Kaiju Dunny Battle minis, the 1/12 Popeye from Mezco, and Mister Self Indulgent from Nouar and Martian Toys.


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QUICCS x Devil Toys — NanoTEQ Nutbuster (3.20)


First shown in unpainted form at TTF 2018, the NanoTEQ: Nutbuster (6") vinyl sets from QUICCS and Devil Toys will be available for a 2-week pre-order starting this Wednesday (3.20) at 8 AM PDT directly from Devil Toys for $89.00 per set. Select retailers including myplasticheart are also offering both editions during the 2-week pre-order period.  The Nutbuster provides a full, mechanized power suit, amplifying the capabilities, reach, and destructive potential of the wee NanoTEQs.

The NanoTEQ: Nutbuster will be available in two editions: OG Black as well as Ghost White.  Veterans of heavy action, both versions have the wear and tear scars you might expect, with weathering/distress details throughout.  As seen in the photos, the NanoTEQ can be easily removed from the Nutbuster for display/play. Previous NanoTEQ figures should be equally at home in the Nutbuster cockpit.


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Mar 16, 2019

Freakroom — Mythrilhorn of The Ocean Emperor King Lottery


Freakroom returns to the deep, dark depths of the ocean with a new edition of his Mythrilhorn of The Ocean sofubi, inspired by the actual Anglerfish populating our oceans.  Emperor King features a shiny, metallic purple + gold design.  While likely unintentional, it reminds us of a certain NBA team.

Limited to 24 pieces, the Emperor King edition (7") is available for $155 via email lottery through 6 AM PDT on Monday (3.18).  For full entry instructions, head over to the official announcement. Happy fishing.

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Tarbus the Tardigrade Woot (Water) Bear Exclusive (3.16)


The wait is almost over.  Woot Bear will release their exclusive Tarbus the Tardigrade on Saturday (3.16) at 12 PM PDT for $22 from their online store and their SF location.  Produced by DoomCo Designs, this exclusive features a marbled pink + GID design equally suited for day and night or just lights off display.  Limited to just 35 pieces, the 3.5" figure features articulation at the waist and has the distinction of being the first product to be designed completely in VR.


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Mar 15, 2019

Happiest Fung x ToyZeroPlus — Cosmad


Cosmad, the multi-faced cosmic instrument of destruction from HK-designer Happiest Fung and ToyZeroPlus is almost ready for prime time.  In fact, the designer has been running a countdown, currently at 3 days.  Whether that's three days to release or full reveal is not clear. 

Thankfully the stylized teaser shots have revealed quite a bit of the dual-blaster wielding warrior including what appears to be at least three faces—skull, happy, and angry. The happy + angry faces are inspired by traditional red+black Asian folk masks.  While there are plenty of cute, spacey soft vinyl toys, Cosmad seems ready to fill the relative void of edgy cosmic vinyl.

In addition to the upcoming Cosmad, Happiest Fung and his HappyFactory brand have created other figures including the semi-nostalgic Blojobot produced by Kaiju One.


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Steven Harrington — 'Magic Hour' Solo Show (4.13)


LA-based artist Steven Harrington will open his Magic Hour solo show on Saturday, April 13th 2019 at a yet to be announced  Downtown Los Angeles location. The new collection will include original paintings, drawings, and sculptures featuring his eccentric, playful characters and colorful compositions. 

In recent years Harrington has expanded his reach beyond the canvas with several notable collaborations. Timed to the opening of the new show, Nike will release a new footwear and apparel capsule featuring his designs, the latest project in their ongoing collaboration.  From large scale sculptures to collectibles, the artist also released several art toys in 2018 including  his first Gotcha art toys with Toy Qube and the AAPE by B*APE crossover figure.

To RSVP for the Magic Hour opening, drop a line to [email protected] and be sure to include full names in the request.

Steven Harrington || Magic Hour
Opening: Saturday, April 13th 2019 (6:30 - 10:30 PM)
Downtown Los Angeles


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Kurobokan — Mora OG Edition Lottery


Fueled by darkness, Mora made its official debut at Kurobokan's show at Paradise Toys in Tapiei last weekend.  Kurobokan released one piece of the violet+indigo debut figure (edition 5) at the show, while reserving four for the email lottery drop. Sculpted by Seriouslysillyk, Mora was first shown in proto form at TTF 2018 and then again in the debut colorway at the recent WonderFest 2019 Winter Edition in Japan.

Mora is available now via lottery for $225.  To enter drop a line to [email protected] with the "Lottery Submission for Mora" and be sure to include your full name, shipping address, Phone Number, and your Paypal ID.  The deadline to enter is 8:59 PM PDT on Friday (3.15).


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Kidrobot Exclusive Sue Nami by Zoltron (3.15)


Kidrobot will release its exclusive Sue Nami resin bust edition (9") by Zoltron on Friday (3.15) at 9 AM PST on Kidrobot.com for $200.  Limited to 50 pieces, this special version—inspired by Zoltron's wood-panel art piece exhibited in SF featuring extenstive tattoos—is a variation on the OG yellow+blue design which instantly vanished on it's Valentines Day release.

The 9" polystone resin features metal reinforced braids, screen-printed felt base and weighs in at a hefty 4+ pounds.  Since her debut gracing a DEVO concert poster in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, Sue Nami has inspired fans and collectors in various forms including the brand-new art busts.

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Mar 14, 2019

Jeff Lamm x Glyptigo — 'Radical Greasebat' Soon


Jeff Lamm and Glyptigo are readying the debut edition of the brand-new Radical Greasebat. The new Radical sculpt features the artist's signature character in a chill mood rocking the shaka sign and was prototyped and brought to life by MonsterMind. From Lamm's recent postings, it looks like the first release should happen around late April via Glyptigo.com

We're excited about Greasebat's next chapter which starts with the new Radical Greasebat and is set to continue with additional characters including Gustav Tork, sculpted by Jeff's Wife, Debra Lamm.


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Alex Pardee — 'The Backpack' Depression Edition Pre-Order (3.14)


'The Backpack' lives. Alex Pardee will follow-up the sold out OG full color version with the monochromatic Depression Edition. Featuring his two symiotic-ish characters, the soft and cuddly duo make the perfect way to turn heads and maybe carry some of your isht at the same time.

The Backpack Depression Edition will be available for pre-order starting tonight (3.14) at Midnight for $60 through March 20th from the artist's web shop.  Pre-orders will include a free exclusive mono Backpack pin — a reward for those on the bleeding edge.


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Horrible Adorables — 'Dynamos and Whirligigs' at PIQ Hudson Yards (3.15)


Horrible Adorables—Jordan Elise Perme and Chris Lee—will open their Dynamos and Whirligigs solo show at the brand-new PIQ Hudson Yards on Friday (3.15, 5-7 PM) as part of the store's grand opening festivities. For this new collection the artists have turned their plush skills to all matters of wondrous conveyances including Pufferballons, Ring Rollers, Bug Riders and more.  Come out for the charming art and be sure to meet Jordan and Chris who will be in attendance.

Horrible Adorables || Dynamos and Whirligigs
Opening: Friday, March 15th 2019 (5- 7 PM)

Hudson Yards (4th floor)
20 Hudson Yards
New York, NYC 10001


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Mitari x Gargamel— Mitari-chan x4 Drop (3.16)


Mitari will offer four Mitari-chan figures sculpted by Kiyoka Ikeda of Gargamel via an overseas release—open to those outside of Japan—on Saturday (3.16) at 8 PM PDT from the Mitari online shop.  The release will feature the regular size (5") Mitari-chan in black, the Obake Mitari-chan in black (open eyes) as well as chibi Mitari-chan figures in clear yellow and clear red.  Mitari-chan charms will her elegant simplicity and subtlety.

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Doktor A x Tomenosuke — Thomas Nosuke Tiffany Blue Debut Edition


Tomenosuke is readying to release the debut edition of their cleverly-named Thomas Nosuke sofubi from Doktor A. The stout and impeccably styled Thomas Nosuke—Doktor A's first sofubi—features an elaborate design with signature moustache, detailed robotic arms, and all-terrain capabilities courtesy of six insect-like legs. It appears that the new figure has six points of articulation at the head, both arms, and three of the six legs.  Not pictured above is Thomas's resin space pistol.

In development for several years, Doktor A, Tomensouke and prototyper Yohei Kaneko (Mirock Toy) have brought Thomas Nosuke from concept through four design iterations  to release.  Limited to 30 available pieces, the debut Tiffany Blue edition is due shortly.


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Twelvedot Previews The New Midnight Blossoms APO Frog


 Twelvedot has revealed its upcoming Midnight Blossoms APO frog. Ready for spring, the new pink amphibian arrives with a floral outfit crafted in cloth.  There's no release date yet, only 'soon'. Expect it from select retailers including myplasticheart (USA).  Midnight Blossoms follows the Sorcerer's Apprentice which dropped in early February.


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Mar 13, 2019

Jason Freeny x Mighty Jaxx — Smart Bomb Gold Edition (3.16)


The power of thought and ideas should not be underestimated.  Explosive? Perhaps.  From Mighty Jaxx comes the latest edition of the Smart Bomb vinyl desk sculpture (10")  from Jason Freeny.  Peer into the folds of this golden, weaponized brain for a greater truth… or not.  At any rate, this conversation starter with a throwback vibe drops this Saturday (3.16) at 6 AM PDT  as a pre-order from the Mighty Jaxx shop for $150.


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Mar 12, 2019

Tristan Eaton — Kiss My Assassin Poster / Go Together Print (3.13)


Tristan Eaton will release two editions to liven up your wall on Wednesday (3.13) at 12 PM PDT from his online store : Kiss My Assassin poster (Open Edition, 24 x 36", $50) and AP editions of his Go Together print (10 APs, 18 x 26", $400). Both are excellent ways to add Eaton's art to your space for creating, dreaming and living.

Need more?  Check out artist's excellent Paintings volume from CASS Contemporary which features the Kiss My Assassin image on the cover.


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Amanda Louise Spayd x Chris Ryniak — Bindlewood Big Top & Dust Bunnies Circus (3.12)


Amanda Louise Spayd and Chris Ryniak will present their Bindlewood Big Top & Dust Bunnies Circus tonight, Tuesday March 12th, at 6 PM PDT, on Bindlewood.com.  Perhaps best thought of as an online show/themed release, both artists have created original, one-of-a-kind pieces as well as a smaller number of toy and print editions.  Check out the full catalog to see what's available with full details including pricing.  This is a live sale, so pieces will disappear quickly.  Stay sharp.

Fully embracing the circus theme, both artists have created several unique pieces featuring their characters as big top performers working their magic on vintage style wooden circus pedestals or in one case, atop a wooden ball.


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Cells — Anatomy by Coarse


Surprise! Without much fanfare or notice, Coarse has just released CELLS — Anatomy (299 pieces) for $185 over on the COARSE shop.  This third CELLS colorway has a vaguely guts-colored motiff, perhaps the inspiration for the name. This latest edition is in sock and slated to ship in 1-2 weeks.


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IAmRetro Exclusive Green Camo Hello Kitty TEQ63 by QUICCS x Kidrobot


 Kidrobot's recent QUICCS Hello Kitty figures proved to be quite popular with the KR Exclusive Pink + Black selling out in a flash.  Now comes the delayed attack with a 3rd colorway—IAmRetro's Exclusive Green Camo edition.  In addition to complimenting the first two drops of the figure, the new Camo edition will look great alongside the various camo TEQ63 vinyls.  The IAmRetro Exclusive Green Camo Hello Kitty TEQ63 from QUICCS and Kidrobot drops this Friday (3.15) at IamRetro.com.

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Tomenosuke x Utomaru — Mimi The Cannibal Girl Cyber Tribe Edition (3.16)


Next up for the popular Mimi The Cannibal Girl sofubi from Tomenosuke x Utomaru is the Cyber Tribe micro run by Yohei Kaneko of Mirock Toy. Pictured above encircled by previous release, the dazzling metallic Cyber Tribe features a blue, red, and gold design layered over the previously released B & W Film edition. Kaneko's choice of golden hair adds a burst of warmth to the design's cool palette of blues and gray. He also plays with the underlying B & W figure by having the silver(mercury) trail run red in the end.

Tomenosuke will release Mimi the Cannibal Girl Cyber Tribe (an edition of 10) on Saturday (3.16) at 7:59 AM PST on its international store and  japan-only shop.


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Mar 11, 2019

Fools Paradise — Lowfool : Revenge EP2

IMG_4459 copy

Fools Paradise has a flair for the dramatic. How would Alan Ng and crew  follow Superman sitting atop a vanquished Joker as seen in Lowfool:Revenge Ep1?  Enter the Dark Knight Lowfool (~11.8") carrying Harley Quinn in EP2, seemingly more in anguish than triumph.  Beyond the triple-take concept, the execution from sculpt to paint delivers the striking visuals that deliver emotion with the enigmatic pairing. As tempting as it might be to jump down the rabbit's hole of interpretation, such an effort might cheapen the state of dramatic disarray where sensation rises above sense.

Limited to 398 sets, Lowfool:Revenge EP2 is available for pre-order for $298 (+$30 for global shipping) direct from Fools Paradise. EP2 is set to ship in Q3 2019.  EP1 is also currently available for pre-order.


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Andrew Bell — Chrome Dino Set


Andrew Bell's geek toy cred continues to grow. Yes, there are the legions of Android toys.  But it's unexpected drops like the Chrome Dino Set that really set him apart. If you're sitting there with a puzzled look on your face, this set  eatures the quirky, 8-bit like Dino which appears in Google's Chrome web browser whenever you try to load a web page without an Internet connection (the horror!). 

What at first just appears to be a cute, static graphic quickly becomes something way more fun with a tap of the arrow keys—yep, a mini game which has you guiding dino over and under various obstacles including endless rows of cacti.  This play set lets you recreate the agony or perhaps joy of the little hidden diversion lurking within Chrome.  The game is actually kinda fun—disable your WiFi and give it a try.

Created for Google to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Chrome, the Chrome Dino Set is now available to the public. It features the Dino (3"), various height Cacti (2-3") and comes in a swanky box that replicates the classic Chrome error message for the authentic experience.   Pick up a set for $24 direct from the Dead Zebra shop.


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