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Mar 11, 2019

Andrew Bell — Chrome Dino Set


Andrew Bell's geek toy cred continues to grow. Yes, there are the legions of Android toys.  But it's unexpected drops like the Chrome Dino Set that really set him apart. If you're sitting there with a puzzled look on your face, this set  eatures the quirky, 8-bit like Dino which appears in Google's Chrome web browser whenever you try to load a web page without an Internet connection (the horror!). 

What at first just appears to be a cute, static graphic quickly becomes something way more fun with a tap of the arrow keys—yep, a mini game which has you guiding dino over and under various obstacles including endless rows of cacti.  This play set lets you recreate the agony or perhaps joy of the little hidden diversion lurking within Chrome.  The game is actually kinda fun—disable your WiFi and give it a try.

Created for Google to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Chrome, the Chrome Dino Set is now available to the public. It features the Dino (3"), various height Cacti (2-3") and comes in a swanky box that replicates the classic Chrome error message for the authentic experience.   Pick up a set for $24 direct from the Dead Zebra shop.


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