Fools Paradise — Lowfool : Revenge EP2

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Fools Paradise has a flair for the dramatic. How would Alan Ng and crew  follow Superman sitting atop a vanquished Joker as seen in Lowfool:Revenge Ep1?  Enter the Dark Knight Lowfool (~11.8″) carrying Harley Quinn in EP2, seemingly more in anguish than triumph.  Beyond the triple-take concept, the execution from sculpt to paint delivers the striking visuals that deliver emotion with the enigmatic pairing. As tempting as it might be to jump down the rabbit’s hole of interpretation, such an effort might cheapen the state of dramatic disarray where sensation rises above sense.

Limited to 398 sets, Lowfool:Revenge EP2 is available for pre-order for $298 (+$30 for global shipping) direct from Fools Paradise. EP2 is set to ship in Q3 2019.  EP1 is also currently available for pre-order.