October Toys -– Skeleton Warriors Glyos Compatible Action Figs Kickstarter


To celebrate their love of the Skeleton Warriors toys and the 20th Anniversary of their release back in ‘94, October Toys has been gleefully working on an updated comeback of some of their favorite toys. They’ve got the evil Baron Dark and a Bone Skeleton figure, both in classic 1:18 form, ready to go.  What they need now is the financial support to cover the considerable manufacturing costs to make the new Skeleton Warriors toys, so they’ve launched the Skeleton Warriors Kickstarter campaign.  These are bad ass toys made by toy geeks for toy geeks.

To make these better than the originals, Sculptor/toy prototyper George Gaspar has based the new sculpts off the cartoon characters and original concept from the Goddard Film Group, plus he’s worked with Matt Doughty (Onell Design) to make the new Skeleton Wariors Glyos system compatible.  Glyos compatibility means that the numerous individual parts of the figures can be interchanged and used with other Glyos system toys including the Onell Gloys toys, Power Lords from The Four Horseman and more.

Standing 5” tall, Baron Dark will tower over puny human figures (at the standard 3 3/4”) and  is ready to spread evil with his removable sword, cape, arm guards and loin cloth.  The highly poseable figure (26 articulation points) features 17 modular Glyos compatible pieces and will arrive in a full-color collectors window box.

As long as you love Skeleton Warriors, this Kickstarter is for you with  reward levels for your budget. 13 is a lucky number this time around with multiple rewards available for just $13 –- choose between the Bone Skeleton, GID Bone Skeleton or the Kickstarter exclusive Bone Skeleden figure created in collaboration with Onell Design. Moving on up, you can get your very own Baron Dark ($25) or Baron Dark + your choice of regular or GID Bone Skeleton ($35), or all three ($45).  There’s alot more to pick and choose from as well.  Head on over to the Skeleton Warrior Kickstarter for all the project details and reward info. Don’t wait as the campaign ends on Monday June 23rd.

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