MJ Hsu x UVD Toys – Ellie: The Jellyfish Princess Kickstarter (thru 4.8)

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The cool folks at Urban Vinyl Daily—through the UVD Toys brand—are currently running a Kickstarter for the new Ellie: The Jellyfish Princess vinyl toy project created by LA artist MJ Hsu.  Over the past few years MJ has created self-produced adorable resin toys from cute food toys to magical underwater creatures. For her first vinyl toy she’s returned to the sea with an ambitious 8.5” design featuring a transparent jellyfish-inspired design and multiple flowing tentacles. Digitally sculpted by the 3D Ninja at Karmieh Design, the approach evokes the graceful appearance of the majestic Jellyfish, balanced by the importance of stability.

The Kickstarter campaign features a wide range of enticing rewards from sticker packs, pins and prints to hand-made resin companions and the vinyl Ellie toys. The vinyl toys are available in packages combining the enamel pin, the 5×7” print and either the OG Ellie ($100) or the Kickstarter exclusive colorway ($110).  Head on over to the KS page to learn more about MJ Hsu’s charming first vinyl toy and check out the full rewards list. The campaign ends on Sunday, April 8th at 4 PM PDT.