Android Series 4 Preview


Series 4 of the Android Mini figures was first revealed at NYCC and they are finally showing off some previews! Participating artists in this series includes, Kong Andri, Sergio Mancini, Fakir, Shawnimals, Andrew Bell, kaNO, Kronk, Scott Tolleson, and of course Google. So who do see so far? Well from left to right we have Shawnimals – Wee Ninja 1/16, Andrew Bell – Astronomiton 2/16, kaNO – Flipmode 1/16, Scott Tolleson – 2×2 1/16, Google – Yellow 2/16, and Kong Andri – Fisherman 1/16. S4 should start arriving at your local specialty retailers in the next few weeks, so keep an eye out!

Android_S4_Fisherman-34A Android_S4_flipmode-34A Android_S4_2x2-34A Android_S4_yellow-34A