Android Series 4 Preview Part Deux


Here is another round of previews for the upcoming Android Series 4 Artist Series! We last left off with designs from kaNO, Shawnimals, Andrew Bell, Scott Tolleson and Kong Andri. Now we have 4 fresh new designs coming from Sergio Mancini – Stress Tech 1/16, Andrew Bell – Core Dump 1/16, Kronk – Dicktator 1/16, and Google – Gold 2/16.

S4 will be available at the Dead Zebra Shop this Friday, November 29th at 11AM EST, with a restock at 11PM EST. Shipping will begin a few days after that! There is also a limit of 2 cases (32 pieces) per household. Be sure to keep a look out on other retailers who will be carrying this blind series very soon. Take a gander at the “Where to Buy” list.

Android_S4_coredump-34A Android_S4_Stresstech-34A Android_S4_gold-34A