Coarse Toys – oopCr – two splendid sprouts (10.11)


Take a look at this beautiful release from Coarse Toys. The oopCr – Two Splendid Sprouts release feature this magnificent chrome plating that give it an amazing mirror finish. This run is limited to 250 pieces worldwide and will retail for $260. They come packed in black sponge and packaged in a hand crafted paper enclosure. They will be available online HERE on Tuesday, October 11th at 7:59AM PST. While you’re at it, be sure to pick up some white gloves if you plan on picking up this release. You wouldn’t want to get your fingerprints all over these figures.

Luster of Life: The gleaming bodies of oop and aw! appear from thin air like an apparition. Dissecting time, they enter this dimension without a past. Their empty shells absorb the surroundings, rendering a crystalline vision of what is to come. A mirror to the future. On the exterior portraying a simple existence, but peer inside their shifting shapes and steal a glimpse of your own final outcome.Suspended in perfect balance, the oop cast neither shadow nor light. They simply reflect what they are exposed to. Choose to experience this miracle of being, and take the power to influence your destiny and theirs.

awCr!_top awCr!5 awCr_bottom oopCr_awCr!_side_by_sideoopCr_awCr!_side_by_side_close oopCr_bottom2 oopCr_front2 oopCr_pack_closedoopCr_pack_closeup2

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