Jason Freeny does Spy-vs-Spy


Like zillions of kids I read MAD magazine as a kid, and like many, many of them I loved the violent, clever, over-the-top ‘Spy-vs-Spy’ battles.  So it’s great to hear that MAD Magazine  has asked a select group of artists to customize vintage Spy-vs-Spy action figures to be shown at SDCC.  One of the chosen, is none other than Jason Freeny who has been wowing toy fans for quite some time with his anatomical cut-away customs.   For his turn, Freeny’s gone with a rusted-out ‘tin’ retro look.  As you might expect, the Spy is bristling with destructive means including an integrated nose machine gun, hidden chest bomb, hand-held pack of dynamite, knife, and more. All the while, standing in the middle of a huge bear (unsuspecting spy trap) Very cool, check out more info and plenty of WIP pics over on his facebook album.

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  1. Been following the WIP pics on Jason’s FB, loving the final creation! I dunno if Mad magazine is still around but if they are they should definitely take a break from the jokes to show their readers this piece.

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