Jason Freeny x ANATOY Collabo Project

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The upcoming collabo project between Jason Freeny and South Korea’s ANATOY makes perfect sense.  ANATOY is an elaborate new platform toy based around the concept of anatomy. The platform features a skeletal concept with 12 swappable parts per figure attached via articulated joints with ‘bone’ connectors.

So far ANATOY has shown what appears to be Freeny’s hand-done sculpt/master as well as a partial 3D scan/render.  We’re looking forward to seeing more of this collabo project.  Perhaps the final production piece will have snap-on torso and face parts which can be removed to reveal the underlying anatomy?

If you’d like to see ANATOY up close and personal, the brand will be exhibiting at several Asian Art Toy conventions including Shanghai Toy Show (E11), Art Toy Culture in Seoul, Taipei Toy Festival and Beijing Toy Show.