KAWS x BAPE – Dissected Milo Pre-Order @ ToyQube *Update*


We have only have seen pixelated photos of the upcoming collaborative figure between KAWS and Bape, but ToyQube has shined some light with their Pre-Order for the 8” Dissected Milo figures. There will be three colorways available for $265 a piece, which are the Black, Grey, and Brown. Pre-Orders Via ToyQube are still availble HERE. There are a more pictures after the jump of this newly dissected creature. [VIA KAWS & Medicom Toy]

Kaws Milo, Brown 1_low-thumb-502x576 Kaws Milo, Brown 2_low-thumb-503x576 Kaws Milo, Brown 3_low-thumb-501x576 180405_195614040457394_143953515623447_684490_963290_n

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