K2 Ohonneko Minis Pre-Order

Kenneth Tang’s kawaii toy brand, K2Toy, is about to release their Ohonneko blindbox mini series featuring super cute cats with a feudal Japan motiff. Each of the 13 cat designs (12 standard + 1 chase) come with removable Samurai helmets, cleverly adorned with fish and paw markings.  There are three primary sculpts — standing on two feet with koi, sitting in the classic pose, and standing on all fours with sword through the head. The pink+white chase is holding a matching tiny cat.

Ohonneko will be available for pre-order through K2’s retail network including myplasticheart (USA, 12.1), Toy Station (HK, 12.3), Hipster Toys (HK, 12.3), Vintage and Vinyl Club (HK, 12.3), Playtoysforever.co (Taiwan, 12.1), Ozzo (Singapore, 12.3) and Gachabox (Thailand, 12.3).