Monster Worship Presents: Jeff Lamm’s Real Fighting Greasebat


Jeff Lamm has been working alongside Monster Worship to produce his Real Fighting Greasebat figure. Another familiar name apart of this project would be Walter Jacott aka Chauskoskis, who sculpted this beauty. The RFG stands 7” tall and is slate to release in the US around June. The story behind Real Fighting Greasebat and pictures after the jump.

During the mid-eighties neo-rockabilly craze lots of young men were putting pomade in their hair and getting fresh tattoos. All this petroleum waste from hair pomade, mixed with peeling skin from tattoos, combined to line sewer pipes deep under the streets. A jolt of radiation from a black market Russian nuclear device in 1995 gave life to a bubbling mass of hair, pomade and skin cells.

The result, born in 2005…Greasebat. It is unknown if Greasebat is good or evil, he seems to be attracted to industrial areas, usually chemical plants. He clumsily destroys everything with his short legs and poor vision from separately rotating eyes. He has been observed eating barrels of heavyweight motor oil and old stock vinyl for pressing records.

He can fly short distances and is a ferocious fighter who will use anything within reach to defeat his opponent. His oddly shaped body is covered in thick armored scales, and his head with bulbous jelly like pustules.

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