Monster Worship @ NYCC

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We just stopped by the Monster Worship booth (#2682) and saw their table covered in amazing pieces! They had tons of Kusogon figures available and even a sweet little display of them doing some damage. Plaseebo also made his presence strong with a ton of his beautiful pieces. They are definitely something you would have to check out in person. We cannot forget about Jeff Lamm’s Greasebat, where they had a surprise release of a new fully painted colorway of Greasebat. Take a look at our pics after the jump.

IMG_1196 IMG_1386 IMG_1199 IMG_1205 IMG_1210 IMG_1214 IMG_1229 IMG_1231 IMG_1233 IMG_1235 IMG_1241 IMG_1245 IMG_1257 IMG_1381 IMG_1384