Proto Monday >> Ferg – K11


Today on Proto Monday we have some sweet images for you.   Here’s the first look at vinyl prototypes of Ferg’s latest addition to the SQUADT universe – the upcoming K11 companions from Jamungo.  As you can see here, the K11s look sharp with different removable helmets featuring designs carrying the SQUADT DNA with the trio of eyes (clear lenses), gas-mask, and  the tell-tale wagging tongue.   Nice variety – the CCTV one caught us pleasantly by surprise.

The medium-sized K11 figure (5” long, 4” tall) will come geared up with backpacks and other cut and sew gear much like the SQUADTs. If things go as planned and the toy gods smile upon K11, we should see the first drop sometime this spring.   We’re excited for these – a nice addition to the very cool SQUADT universe.

k11_proto2 k11_proto3