Proto Monday >> MAD – Mork


Until now, MAD’s upcoming Mork vinyl from Pobber has been lurking in the shadows, seen only in a few moody teaser shots.  Today on Proto Monday we’re happy to reveal the mischievous figure complete with his improvised winged helmet fashioned from a handy dandy kitchen pot.  

Lurking after the jump, the complete gallery of master mold and wax shots showcase MAD’s ingenious design which embodies the story of a spunky suburban monster doing his best to channel his inner hero as he dons his makeshift hero outfit.  Mork offers two personalities – intrepid with more than a touch of bravado with his helmet on contrasted with a more awkward vibe without his home-made head gear.  Clothes supposedly make the man, and for Mork the gear is a big part of the story right down to the great hinge and handle details on the helmet.

Due in the Fall, the 6.5” Mork will be shown to the public for the first @ SDCC as a work-in-progress prototype.   We’re definitely looking forward to seeing more of Mork.