TV Heads Dropping Shortly

The brand new TV Heads figures will be released next week by Kaching Brands. Series 1 of this innovative figure features  Tim Tsui, MAD, Sket One, Toby HK, Mizna Wada, Colorblok, Cameron Tiede, Maxim, Teahair, Skwak, plus a secret design.  Standing 3" tall with a removable  base modeled after an electrical outlet which supports tethering,  the TV Head figure was designed by Glen Murakami (Producer of Justice League, Teen Titans, The
Batman) and Alan Wan.  TV Heads Series 1 offers a nice selection of designers plus introduces an exciting new figure with multiple display possibilities.

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  1. These are cool. The colorbok is tight. I just noticed something. Where’s the Scarecrow one?

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