Mini Jerry and Mini Bill – Initial Sculpts

As shown last week,  Muttpop  is expanding their mini-line with the addition of Mini Jerry and Mini Bill.  To bring these new mini characters to life, they hired San Fernando based sculptor Erick Sosa.

Erick has sculpted professionally for many years now. The bulk of his work has been in action figures and superhero themed statues. With his strong sense of anatomy, attention to detail, and ability to work on sculpts in a variety of sizes, Muttpop felt confident that Erick Sosa could bring the Mini characters to three dimensional life.

To get a rough sense for the shape and detail placement for the figures, Erick begins his sculpts in sculpey. Very little detail is rendered into the clay. At this point, Erick is more interested in shaping out an accurately proportioned figure that has a rough suggestion of where the critical visual cues of the figure will be placed.

Once a sculpey version of the figure is to his liking, Erick will create Silicone molds of the figure. These silicone molds will be used to make wax casts of the figures.

8 Replies to “Mini Jerry and Mini Bill – Initial Sculpts”

  1. It’s cool how each sculptor Muttpop picks has a different approach to the figures, and this leads to a great realization of the character.
    These new minis look great, when do we see sculpts of Fabien though? as we have already seen the turn-around sketches.

  2. Hi guys,
    I am glad you like them, trust me whenI tell you the refined versions look much better thanks to the artists behind Muttpop, they deserve all the credit, i am just an extension of their hands.

  3. I thought i saw a turnaround of Jerry with a crown on his mask…is the finished sculpt gonna have that, or be more like the illustration on the Muttpop Boxes?

  4. Man, those look great. This guy must be a real cowboy. giddy up partner ūüėČ

  5. iddle Chimp? How are you Matt?
    For all of those who don’t know Matt is a good friend of mine, he also played the guy testing the greenglobin glyder in spiderman 1

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