Muttpop: GID

Black Bean, Classico, Pop Culture…what else does Muttpop
have up its sleeve? Glow In The Dark!  Glow In The Dark Editions of El
, Red Demon, and Mini Gobi will be available very soon. You will
be able to get your very own Glow In The Dark edition of all three
figures sometime this year from StrangeKiss, the online designer toy and art prints retailer.

There are two important qualities for Glow In The Dark figures. One,
they should look really cool while they glow. Two, the figure must
retain it’s personality in darkness or by daylight. By limiting the
painted accents to the colors black or white and keeping those painted
accents to a minimum, Muttpop was able to not only respect these two
factors, Muttpop was able to celebrate them.

Paint application emphasis was placed on the eyes and face to bring
focus to this most expressive region of the figure. Also, if you look
carefully at the pictures of El Panda, Muttpop used two slightly
different tones of Glow In The Dark Vinyl on the El Panda figure to
create a subtle contrast between El Panda’s Military garment and the
rest of the figure.

12 Replies to “Muttpop: GID”

  1. STEVE:
    It’s all good.
    These should be available by May of this year.
    When we moved manufacturing to our new factory, we had to create brand new molds. With limited resources, we just made molds for El Panda and the new figures. Do you want a Glow Tequila? We’re debating whether or not we should make a new mold for Tequila.
    When? See above. Monster5 is a talented dude.
    Gracias. Radioactive? I sure hope not. I can’t keep my hands off of the prototypes!
    -Muttpop Bob

  2. Yes Bob, as you know we would like a glow tequila…with a Guadalupe tattoo and a clear vinyl poncho…
    But seriously the fact that the tequila mold is gone does add a certain O.G. luster to the original tequila casts.
    I kinda like the idea that Tequila has become a truly limited figure.
    Really like the duo glow Panda although i’m not sure it is equally rocking in the daylight.
    I actually think glow is best used in conjunction with black vinyl. Painted rarely seems to cut it. I think its hard for the eye to perceive the edges of paint on glow, the translucent nature and faint daytime glow of the vinyl make the painted designs seem to float on the surface in a way that sometimes annoys my eyes.
    I think that as in tattooing the key is the balance between tattooed and untattooed skin, or in the case of vinyl between glow and non-glow.

  3. Woah, nice choice on the 2 different colored glow stuff for El Panda. Very nice. I love Tequila & seeing new versions of that figure would be great, but part of what I dig about ’em is that its as limited as it is.

  4. Monster five has myspac too! You go and find it. I lucked out. I wonder if monster finve will show us new muttpop sculpts? I want more five! Thank you muttpop for finding this sculptor these figures ROCK!

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