Muttpop: The Collection

This week we take  a look back at all of the Muttpop figures in existence. This includes produced figures and the new  batch that  we have revealed here at Vinyl Pulse. In case you’re wondering, there are no plans to 
produce Carai Tequila (the other Extra Spicy).

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  1. they all look amazing together. Muttpop stuff is one of the best series’ in the whole vinyl toy scene, it’s so great that the characters have a vivid background, few companies do this.

  2. These look so great! A pity there are so many El Panda versions, he’s beautiful and I can’t afford all of them!!!

  3. Vinyl Pulse spends much too much time on Muttpop product.
    How about MuttPulse or VinylPop, as new name?

  4. that’s why you wait for the best ones. i got the kozik tequila and the kung fu panda, by far the best out of all the colorways and awesome pieces in my collection. who care what other colorways are out there.

  5. Where would MUTTPOP be with out MONSTER5! I mean look at the beautiful sculpts and interpretation of the 2d linedrawings into 3D WONDERFFULNESS! I hope you guys pay that person well! ( BTW. I found out he is a guy. One less mistery.) Does monster5 have all these versions in his workshop? I will be going to his store/studio in Tokyo next week! ( LUCKY ME!!!!!!!!!!!) I work for a large media company and we tracked Monster5 down! We will be doing all Monster5 sculpts for our line! I hope to see his workshop and maybe see if he has any new muttpop sculpts I can take pictures of to show all of you. I love my work! Thank muttpop.
    Amanda P

  6. I do think there are too many colorways for El Panda, it does make them seem less valuable/special. I think doing two, three tops, in addition to the standard version of each would be sufficient. I limit myself to only buy one of each character (Kozik’s Tequila, Sweet & Sour El Panda, and pre-ordered Vice Red Demon) but it is kind of annoying when they come out with an even cooler colorway than the one I already have!

  7. I’m not into there being so many El Pandas either, because so many versions really takes away the sense of collectibility. I like for there to be enough to go around, but not such heavy saturation in the market that the piece becomes common.
    I bought a Kozik El Panda as soon as it became available, but now I’m thinking of making it a custom with Battle Damage so that there will be one less intact El Panda out there.
    BUT – I guess banking on a successful toy isn’t all bad if it in turn means that Muttpop can remain stable as a company and in turn produce future toys that I likely will be into.

  8. Man, seeing them all lined up like that made me realize that the whole Luchadore set has grown a lot more then I realized. The whole Muttpop gang will always be one of my favorite vinyl creators.
    Can’t wait to get the Bruce Lee and Vice colorways of Panda and Demon.

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