LIV3R’s May Munny Gallery

We’re back again with 21 new munny customs. As before I tried to choose from a wide range of designs. I selected them on paintjob, sculpting and difficulty.  I managed to select some really good pieces. We’ve got some new upcoming artists who really think outside the box and came up with some killer designs. I hope you all enjoy this selection of custom Munnys.


Amazing work on this munny. Nice touch of the added scratch and some sublime work on the paint application. Overall look is fantastic!

Jesse Hernandez
As always he rocks the vinyl! These well executed munnys are tha bomb! Great color use on the left piece and a tight marker paintjob on the GID piece. The new owners will be very happy with these toys. They are off the hook!!

Splended job on the sculpting. Beautiful color range and a tight look. Based on some cartoon. The NVCrew is making name for themselves with their complicated designs on toys.

One of his favorite cartoons from the early days has come to life! This Macross Munny is killing it. The schulpten work is super clean and tight. The paint job and accessories stand out as well. Personally I would have liked to have seen it in a different color. Still a winner!

Bucky Lastard

Dear Earthling



Daniel Damocles Wall

Bob Conge


John Schmitt

Lou Pimentel



Violent Fembot



Shadow Uncle


Chris Crockett

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