LIV3R’s Summer Munny Gallery

Hey y’all and welcome again to the Munny Gallery. This time it’s  he summer edition and for that I selected some very beautifull pieces made this summer. First up one of my favorite customisers at the moment; Doktor A. He had the motor running this summer and produced 3  amazing munny customs!! Especially the Jeckyll/Hyde  one, it’s awesome! Then there’s Honk who has 2 pieces in and like always they are  very well executed! I keep lovin’ that shiny gloss he puts on. Erick Scarecrow supplied me with a really nice and colorfull munny and the 2 small figures look cool as well. Rohby had a superb Macross piece comin’ in. It’s clean and tight. His work always blows me away. Further on there’s a lot of new guys showing off their latest work. I gotta say some pieces are really off the hook!! The BBQ munny by xblManimal needs some attention and when you take a look at the munny made by rc44 you need to hold your jaws from hitting the ground cuz this piece is unbelieveably tightly painted.
BTW, most of these customs come from the KidRobot forum. First, because I’m always looking for the latest work and second it’s just easy to search down the Munny forum on KR looking for customs. If people have created customs they think are worthy of  the gallery you can email me a picture at:


Doktor A











Erick Scarecrow


Bill Betsovic







14 Replies to “LIV3R’s Summer Munny Gallery”

  1. awesome list. Dok A is def one of the best at the moment. I was just putting together my own list of my favourite customs as well but you beat me to it. Oh well 🙂

  2. Dok A raised the bar once again with the Doc Jekyl – great work by everyone – im happy to be a part of this bunch

  3. big thanks to liv3r for keepin’ an eye out for all different styles of customs.
    i’m also glad to be a part of this selection.

  4. Thanx guys!! Y’all did a great job on the munnys last month. Lets keep it up and bring some more freshness for next times Gallery on VP!!!

  5. Erick Scarecrowしはビニールのおもちゃで非常によい。 今では私は彼の絶望的なファンである。

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