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May 17, 2006

Pics: Action Man 40 40 @ Blink Gallery (05.16.06)

The Action Man 40 40 show co-sponsored by Clutter Magazine and Hasbro opened at Blink Gallery on the 16th. Thanks to our hard working roving reporter, Riot68, we have these pictures of the show which featured 40 artists' interpretation of  a reissue of the original Action Man figure to celebrate the classic toy's 40th anniversary.  The show runs through May 27th so there's still time to catch these pieces in person.  At the show's completion, the pieces will be auactioned off for charity.  Enjoy the pics.

















Sket One


























Joe Ledbetter








Huck Gee

































Tristan Eaton - Thunderdog






James Jarvis












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To many great pieces! Some are so original!! The Designers Republic is still doing their own thing :D
'Spraycanman'by Kenn Munk rules!!

SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!

everyone did an insane job!!!

This show is just SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good! Don't miss it if you are anywhere within 1000 miles....or live locally.

did you guys see the JLed one? i mean come on is that all he can do is paint a box with his signature creatures and glue th eAction Man head on top? pffft. JLED - yer dryin up man. on th eflip side - MAD, SKET, and Huck blew the doors off with their designs....not surprised!

Thanks for the support everybody, we have already collected a lot of bids for the pieces both from the gallery and from the online registration. If you fancy winning any, they are all up for grabs to the highest bidder and don't let that scare you, some of them are surprisingly reasonable at the moment! check am4040.com/registration to place bids from anywhere in the world or get down to the gallery if you can. Stay tuned for the Special Bumper 4040 Issue of Clutter magazine which will feature studio shots of all the pieces plus interviews with the artists involved.
Also, the JLed piece looks a lot better in real life, photos don't do it justice!

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